Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mommy must-have: Eye brighteners

Because sometimes concealer can only go so far: Enter Benefit's Eye Bright.

What it is: A pink-hued stick designed to open up and brighten the eyes when applied to the inner corners ($20).

Why I love it: I look more refreshed and alert -- even when all the Starbucks in Manhattan can't keep me perky.

Where to get it: Any Sephora location. Or buy it here or here.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dying to be beautiful

We're approaching the two-year anniversary of Kanye West's mom's tragic death following a cosmetic procedure, and another mother is now in the news for dying after liposuction. She leaves behind three children.

We all know that this youth-obsessed culture is hard on women, but it's especially hard on moms. Celeb moms are slimming down to their post-pregnancy bodies in record time, donning bathing suits and lingerie almost immediately after giving birth. (Where are all of your stretch marks? Loose skin? How did you get those abs back?) The thin and beautiful Courtney Cox is whining about her aging body on ABC's Cougar Town. Oh, and every mother is now compared to MILF standards.

Yet here in the real world, mothers are the ones with the least amount of time and the least amount of sleep. I obviously think there's a place for beauty in a mom's life, but only to boost our confidence and self-esteem -- not to cave into societal pressures. And now children are losing their mothers because of this hype. How much are you willing to risk for a toned tummy?

Children don't care if you have thin thighs and perky breasts. They want someone to kiss their boo-boo, share advice, help plan their wedding. They want a mother, in any shape or size. You know what's beautiful to them? The woman who plays peek-a-boo, the woman who drives them to soccer and basketball and dance, the woman who bakes homemade cookies on their first day of school.

I wish more mothers would celebrate the feat their bodies have gone through and embrace a healthy concept of beauty. My heart goes out to the children who have to bury their mothers, and to the mothers who will miss their child's next birthday, graduation, first grandchild. How many lives have to be lost to ignite change? Will this pressure ever go away?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Looking polished

Ellen jokes about the absurd choices and time commitment women make just to get a simple manicure. I'm interested to know, how many of you have given up salon visits after the baby was born? Or is this a non-negotiable must-have for you?

By the way, those are OPI polishes used throughout her bit -- my absolute fave. The silly names don't take away from their amazing formula.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

smile makeover contest

I was contacted by 1-800-DENTIST to let my Mommy and non-Mommy readers know about their "My Smile Bites!" makeover contest.

Do you avoid smiling? Cover your mouth when you laugh? Are you embarrassed by your teeth? This is your chance to regain your confidence and happiness with a $30,000 smile makeover contest. Enter here by Nov. 10 by uploading a short video explaining why you need this and what you've had to endure. Pull at our heart strings! Your friends, family and the rest of America will then vote on which contestant is the most deserving (you, obviously!) and a winner will be named on Dec. 15.

What are you waiting for?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Toddlers in heels

Suri Cruise -- the best-dressed tot in all the land -- was spotted shopping around Boston with Mommy Katie Holmes.

Just looking at her makes me want a girl next. That hair! That fluffy skirt! Those...high heels?

My understanding is that women wear heels to look and feel sexier -- not for comfort. I mean, I wouldn't even don heels for a day of shopping -- how is a 3-year-old comfortable?

Maybe she's in a dress-up phase. Maybe she threw a fit if those silver peep-toes weren't on her feet. Who knows. Regardless, she looks adorable.

What do you think? When did your daughter get her first pair of heels?

Photo: Just Jared

Friday, October 9, 2009

Mommy must-have: Hair powder

When you first have a baby, showers are a luxury. Plain and simple. Not only did I not have time, but with my sleep-deprived, aching and leaking body, the thought of undressing and climbing in the shower felt exhausting. While the whole showering situation does get a little easier, your list of "To Dos" only grows. Good news? Nixing a shampoo or two (or three or four) a week is actually healthy for your hair.

In my opinion, Lulu Organics all-natural, organic hair powder -- designed to absorb oil and freshen dirty hair -- should be a staple in every new mom's closet. It's a little pricey at $40, but since you're only using a dime-sized dollop in your roots, it lasts much longer than the spray-on dry shampoo on the market.

Another reason why it's better? It's made of all natural ingredients -- cornstarch, rice powder, clay, horsetail powder, baking soda, and essential oils -- and is free of carcinogenic talcum powder. It's sold in four scents (lavender and sage, jasmine, patchouli and amber, and tuberose), and there isn't an overwhelmingly offensive fragrance as in most dry shampoos.

Bottom line? I've tried many shampoo-skipping products, and this one is my favorite.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Real beauty

The truth about photoshopping and editorial manipulations. This is something to show your young daughters.